is not
Common Name
Min Parkway
Size (ft)
Deciduous  (16 Trees) 
Crape Myrtle "Lagerstoemia fauriei and hybirds" Deciduous 2.0 Yes
Chitalpa  "Chitalpa tashkentensis 'Morning Cloud' or 'Pink Dawn'  Deciduous 3.0 Yes
Eastern Redbud  "Cercis canadensis" Deciduous 3.0  
Purple-Leafed Plum "Prunus cerasifera" 'Krauter Vesuvius' Deciduous 3.0  
Western Redbud "Cercis Occidentalis" Deciduous 3.0 Yes
Japanese Flowering Cherry "Prunus serrulata" 'Pink Cloud' or Kwanzan' Deciduous 4.0  
Gold Medallion "Cassia leptophylla" Deciduous 5.0  
Goldenrain "Koelreuteria paniculata" Deciduous 5.0 Yes
Pink Trumpet "Tabebuia impetiginosa" Deciduous 5.0 Yes
Purple Orchid "Bauhinia variegata" Deciduous 5.0 Yes
African Tulip "Spathodea campanulata" Deciduous 6.0  
Cape Chestnut "Calodendrum capense" Deciduous 6.0  
Maidenhair "Ginkgo biloba" Deciduous 6.0 Yes
Silk "Albizia julibrissin" Deciduous 6.0 Yes
Chinese Flame "Koelreuteria bipinnata" Deciduous 7.0  
Tipu "Tipuana tipu" Deciduous 8.0 Yes
Evergreen  (17 Trees) 
Coral Gum "Eucalyptus toquata" Evergreen 2.0 Yes
Little Gem Magnolia "Magnolia grandiflora" 'Little Gem' Evergreen 2.0  
Coppertone Loquat "Eribotrya deflexa" 'Coppertone' Evergreen 3.0  
Yew Pine "Podocarpus macrophyllus" Evergreen 3.0 Yes
Saint Mary Magnolia "Magnolia grandiflora" Evergreen 4.0  
Australian Willow "Geijera parviflora" Evergreen 5.0 Yes
Marina Madrone "Arbutus Marina" Evergreen 5.0 Yes
New Zealand Christmas Tree "Metrosideros excelsus" Evergreen 5.0 Yes
Weeping Bottlebrush "Callistemon viminalis" Evergreen 5.0 Yes
African Sumac "Rhus lancea" Evergreen 6.0 Yes
Brisbane Box Tristania "Lophostemon confertus" Evergreen 6.0 Yes
Peppermint "Agonis flexuosa" Evergreen 6.0 Yes
Samuel Sommer  Magnolia "Magnolia grandiflora" 'Samual Sommer Evergreen 7.0  
Camphor "Cinnamomum camphora" Evergreen 8.0  
Fern Pine "Podocarpus gracilior" Evergreen 8.0 Yes
Cajeput "Malaleuca quinquenervia" Evergreen 9.0 Yes
Star Pine "Aracaria heterophylla" Evergreen 10.0  
Palm  (9 Trees) 
Windmill Palm "Trachycarpus fortunei" Palm 2.0  
King Palm "Archontophoenix cunnighamiana" Palm 2.4  
Triangle Palm "Neodypsis" Palm 2.4 Yes
Queen Palm "Syagrus romanzoffianum" Palm 3.0 Yes
Guadalupe Palm "Brahea edulis" Palm 4.0 Yes
Mexican Hesper Palm "Brahea armata" Palm 5.0 Yes
Pindo Palm "Butia capitata" Palm 6.0 Yes
Mediterranean Fan Palm "Chamaerops humilis" Palm 7.0 Yes
Date Palm "Phoenix dactylifera" Palm 8.0 Yes

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