Welcome to the City of Cypress Code Enforcement application (Beta Version).

This application will allow residences and businesses to report municipal code violations to help our City keep its standards and appearances as set forth in the municipal code. Our City Code can be found here online or by typing the following into your browser http://qcode.us/codes/cypress/

To report a violation, please click the following link for our online database:

Report a Code Violation

It will take you to an easy to fill out form. Once reported, this form will be stored then linked to our case management system which is managed by our Code Enforcement Officer. We usually start by attemping to gain voluntary cooperation through a series of notices. If compliance is not achieved, monetary citations can be issued. Ultimately, failure to comply may result in further legal action by the City Attorney's office.

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Before Code Enforcement



After Code Enforcement


What happens after your report a violation?

Your reported violation will be forwarded to the code enforcement officer. Usually within 1 to 4 business days, the officer will visit the site to investigate.

Warning Notices: If found to be in violation, a notice letter will be sent to the property owner giving them 14 days to respond and correct the violation. The site will then be reinspected after the 14 day period. If still found to be in violation, a 2nd notice will be sent to the property owner giving another 14 days to correct the violation. The site will then be reinspected again. If still in violation, a third and final notice will be sent giving the last 14 day correction.

Citations: If after the 3rd notice, it is still not corrected, a monetary citation of $100 will be issued and the administrative procedure as specified in the Muncipal Code. If not corrected  a second citation of $200 will be issued, followed by a third citation of $500 if not corrected after that.

Court: If the item is not corrected after the third citation, the matter will be brought forward to the City Attorney for potentially filing a criminal complaint.

In some instances, the citations are issued earlier in the process depending upon the size and severity of the issue. If this is a property that has been previously in violation, but then re-violated, citations may be issued upon occurence.

This method allows for due process and allows the person a timeframe to correct the violation voluntarily before penalties are assessed.

Thank you for helping us make the City a better place.

If you have any specific code enforcement questions you can first check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or you can contact the Code Enforcement Officer at (714) 229-6726.


Douglas A Dancs, P.E.,

Director of Public Works & Acting Director of Community Development

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