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Cypress Public Works

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Questions by Topics
*Service Request  (1 Question)  
How can I make a service request?
Animal and Pest Control  (4 Questions) 
I think I have Red Imported Fire Ants on my property? Who do I contact to confirm that they are fire ants?
How do I report a dead animal?
How do I report a dead Bird who could potentially carry West Nile Virus?
There is an active bee hive on or near my property.  What do I do?
Assessment Districts  (1 Question)  
How do property owners form an assessment district?
Drainage/Storm Drains  (9 Questions) 
What exactly is a 100-Year Flood?
What can you do to prepare for a flood emergency before flooding occurs?
What should you do during a flood emergency?
What should you do after a flooding event?
How can I use sand bags to protect my house during a flood?
Where can I get sandbags in the City?
How can I use plywood to protect my house or dwelling during a flood?
Where can I learn more about FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and the National Flood Insurance Program?
What flood zone is the City?
Engineering & Development  (2 Questions) 
What are the City's standard drawings and details?
Where can I check the status of my plan check?
Geographic Information System (GIS)  (1 Question)  
What is GIS?
Graffiti  (1 Question)  
How do I report graffiti?
Permits: Encroachment  (3 Questions) 
What is an Encroachment Permit?
How do you apply for an encroachment permit?
What is a Pavement Moratorium
Sewer  (8 Questions) 
What are common causes of Sewage Spills?
What should I do if I have a sewer spill because of blockage in my service or private line?
My plumber said there is a problem with my sewer and that the City will fix it. Is this true?
Why can't the City repair my property's sewer lateral under the street?
Can my plumber work on my sewer line?
What kind of pipe can I use to repair my sewer line?
What type of permit is required for work on sewers?
Why is the sewer lateral the responsibility of the private property owner?
Sewer: Drugs down the drain?  (1 Question)  
Can I put my medications down the toilet or drain?
Sewer: FOG - Fats, Oils and Grease  (1 Question)  
Does the City have a Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) program?
Sewer: Tree Roots  (3 Questions) 
There are tree roots in my line, apparently from a city parkway tree. My plumber says the line must be broken, and he wants a lot of money to fix it. What should I do?
What is "Root Killer"?
How do tree roots enter sewer lines?
Stormwater, Clean Oceans, & Pollution Prevention  (21 Questions) 
Where can I dispose of my used motor oil?
How do I dispose of my pool water?
How do I dispose of carpet cleaning water?
What can and must  restaurants do to prevent waste or wash water from entering the storm drain system?
What can and must mobile detailers do to keep waste and washwater from entering the storm drain system?
How does runoff from car wash fundraisers harm the environment?
What do pet owners need to know about  preventing pet care activities from contaminating our oceans?
When it rains or water is washed down the street, do you know where your stomwater goes?
How does the Storm Drain System Work?
What are common pollutants that people use or around  every day that reduce  ocean water quality?
What can I do to promote clean ocean water?
What should I do if my sewer line is blocked or broken  and a sewage is spilled?
Yard clippings leaves are natural, so they don't cause any problems, right?
I wash my own car. How can I be environmentally responsible?
Are sewers and storm drains the same thing?
What do I do if I see someone discharging concrete, paint, plaster, or other material into the gutter?
What can I do to help protect water quality in my neighborhood?
I operate a food service establishment in the City.  Are there any regulations that impact my business?
What do I need to know about pesticides?
Where can I find out more about Water Quality/Pollution Prevention?
Where can I find out more about stormwater BMP's for construction activities?
Street Lights  (1 Question)  
My street light is broken. How do I get a street light fixed?
Streets: Alleys  (1 Question)  
Why are alleys treated differently than streets?
Streets: Paving & Sealing  (8 Questions) 
What's involved in Street Maintenance?
When will my street be resurfaced?
What causes pot holes?
Is it a requirement for a City to use a pavement management system?
What is Slurry Seal?
Why is the City slurry sealing my street?
What should I expect after my street has been sealed?
What precautions should the neighborhood citizens take when their streets are slurried?
Streets: Sidewalks  (2 Questions) 
My sidewalk is raised and I would like to have it repaired.
I would like to know when my streets are going to be re-paved
Streets: Sweeping  (4 Questions) 
Can I park after the Sweeper has swept the street?
How often are the streets swept?
What are the benefits of street sweeping?
How often does the street sweeper come into my neighborhood?
Traffic and Transportation  (2 Questions) 
What if I have a concern about a traffic safety matter in my neighborhood?
I need some traffic count information for a particular street in the City.
Traffic: Children at Play Signs  (2 Questions) 
Won't a "Children at Play Sign" help protect our kids?
What can parents do to protect their children and promote traffic safety?
Traffic: Congestion  (1 Question)  
How is traffic congestion measured?
Traffic: Crosswalks  (4 Questions) 
What is a crosswalk?
How are crosswalks used?
What can cause accidents at marked crosswalks?
Where are crosswalks normally marked?
Traffic: Engineering  (1 Question)  
What is Traffic Engineering?
Traffic: Red Curb  (3 Questions) 
Can I paint the curb red and install my own traffic signs on the street?
Can the City paint the curb red in front of fire hydrants?
It is hard to see the oncoming traffic at a particular intersection or when existing my driveway. Can you help?
Traffic: Signals  (5 Questions) 
When should a traffic signal be installed?
How can arterial traffic signals be better managed?
What if the traffic light at a particular intersection is not working?
What is a protected left turn signal?
What is a protected/permissive left turn signal?
Traffic: Signs  (1 Question)  
What is meant by uniformity of traffic control devices?
Traffic: Speed Limits  (8 Questions) 
Why do we have speed limits?
What do realistic speed limits do?
What are the consequences of unrealistic speed limits?
How are speed limits set?
Do speed limit signs reduce collisions or lower speeds in residential neighborhoods?
How can residents more accurately judge a vehicle's speed?
Can I get a speed limit sign on a residential street?
How can I find out about how speed limits are established in the City?

Traffic: Stop Signs  (6 Questions) 
Why doesn't the City just put up stop signs to slow down traffic?
What happens when stop signs are installed to as "nuisances" or "speed breakers" to slow traffic?
What is a stop sign's effect on driver and pedestrian behavior?
What are some other effects of stop signs?
How is the need for a stop sign determined?
Where can I get more information regarding stop signs that includes reference to papers and articles?
Trash  (1 Question)  
Where do I find out about Trash and Recycling questions?
Trees  (8 Questions) 
What is an urban forest?
What are the benefits of trees and the urban forest?
Am I allowed to trim the City tree in front of my property
How do I get my street tree trimmed?
How can I have a tree planted in front of my residence?
I would like to have a tree removed from my parkway.
What do I do with my holiday trees?
*Where can I get more information about City Street Trees?
Water  (7 Questions) 
How can I check for water leaks?
What are some easy ways to save money ($$$)  on my water bill and conserve water?
What is the equivalent household usage acre-foot  of water?
What is the capacity of a water line if its diameter is doubled?
I am a new resident and I would like to receive water service.
How do I report a leaking fire hydrant?
Who provides water service to the City?
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