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Welcome to the Cypress Public Works Department’s online database for planting of trees within the street rights of way. Our purpose is to provide residents, contractors, engineers, architects and other stakeholders fast easy access to public works information. This site is constantly being upgraded to better serve the community. Your participation in its development is encouraged. 

You can view trees by name, parkway size and type. By clicking on a subject in the report below, you can sort by that column's data. Each tree record also includes links where you can get more information including pictures. A printed version will be available for review at City Hall or and a PDF download will be made available in the near future on the City's website.

If you have questions concerning trees or have comments or suggestions, please contact the Public Works Maintenance Division, at (714) 229-6740 or e-mail

Douglas A. Dancs, P.E. 
Director of Public Works

Manager: CityEngineer
Account: CDPW
Last modified: Feb. 19, 2013 9:46 AM (PST)
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All Trees by Name - Palm (Yellow), Evergeen (Green), Deciduous (Orange)
Common Name
UFEI SelecTree
LADPW TreeLink
2002 Street
Min Parkway
Size (in)
Min Parkway
Size (ft)
African Sumac "Rhus lancea" Evergreen SelecTree LA SelectTree   72 6.0
African Tulip "Spathodea campanulata" Deciduous SelecTree     72 6.0  
Australian Willow "Geijera parviflora" Evergreen SelecTree LA SelectTree 60 5.0
Brisbane Box Tristania "Lophostemon confertus" Evergreen SelecTree     72 6.0
Cajeput "Malaleuca quinquenervia" Evergreen SelecTree LA SelectTree 108 9.0
Camphor "Cinnamomum camphora" Evergreen SelecTree   96 8.0  
Cape Chestnut "Calodendrum capense" Deciduous SelecTree LA SelectTree   72 6.0  
Chinese Flame "Koelreuteria bipinnata" Deciduous SelecTree LA SelectTree   84 7.0  
Chitalpa  "Chitalpa tashkentensis 'Morning Cloud' or 'Pink Dawn'  Deciduous SelecTree     36 3.0
Coppertone Loquat "Eribotrya deflexa" 'Coppertone' Evergreen SelecTree LA SelectTree   36 3.0  
Coral Gum "Eucalyptus toquata" Evergreen SelecTree LA SelectTree   24 2.0
Crape Myrtle "Lagerstoemia fauriei and hybirds" Deciduous SelecTree LA SelectTree 24 2.0
Date Palm "Phoenix dactylifera" Palm SelecTree     96 8.0
Eastern Redbud  "Cercis canadensis" Deciduous SelecTree LA SelectTree   36 3.0
Fern Pine "Podocarpus gracilior" Evergreen SelecTree LA SelectTree 96 8.0
Gold Medallion "Cassia leptophylla" Deciduous SelecTree LA SelectTree   60 5.0  
Goldenrain "Koelreuteria paniculata" Deciduous SelecTree LA SelectTree   60 5.0
Guadalupe Palm "Brahea edulis" Palm SelecTree LA SelectTree   48 4.0
Japanese Flowering Cherry "Prunus serrulata" 'Pink Cloud' or Kwanzan' Deciduous SelecTree     48 4.0  
King Palm "Archontophoenix cunnighamiana" Palm   LA SelectTree   29 2.4  
Little Gem Magnolia "Magnolia grandiflora" 'Little Gem' Evergreen SelecTree     24 2.0  
Maidenhair "Ginkgo biloba" Deciduous SelecTree LA SelectTree 72 6.0
Marina Madrone "Arbutus Marina" Evergreen SelecTree     60 5.0  
Mediterranean Fan Palm "Chamaerops humilis" Palm SelecTree     84 7.0
Mexican Hesper Palm "Brahea armata" Palm   LA SelectTree   60 5.0
New Zealand Christmas Tree "Metrosideros excelsus" Evergreen SelecTree LA SelectTree   60 5.0
Peppermint "Agonis flexuosa" Evergreen SelecTree LA SelectTree   72 6.0
Pindo Palm "Butia capitata" Palm SelecTree     72 6.0
Pink Trumpet "Tabebuia impetiginosa" Deciduous SelecTree     60 5.0  
Purple Orchid "Bauhinia variegata" Deciduous SelecTree     60 5.0  
Purple-Leafed Plum "Prunus cerasifera" 'Krauter Vesuvius' Deciduous SelecTree LA SelectTree   36 3.0
Queen Palm "Syagrus romanzoffianum" Palm SelecTree   36 3.0  
Saint Mary Magnolia "Magnolia grandiflora" Evergreen SelecTree     48 4.0  
Samuel Sommer  Magnolia "Magnolia grandiflora" 'Samual Sommer Evergreen SelecTree     84 7.0  
Silk "Albizia julibrissin" Deciduous SelecTree LA SelectTree 72 6.0
Star Pine "Aracaria heterophylla" Evergreen SelecTree   120 10.0  
Tipu "Tipuana tipu" Deciduous SelecTree LA SelectTree 96 8.0
Triangle Palm "Neodypsis" Palm       29 2.4
Weeping Bottlebrush "Callistemon viminalis" Evergreen SelecTree LA SelectTree   60 5.0
Western Redbud "Cercis Occidentalis" Deciduous SelecTree LA SelectTree   36 3.0
Windmill Palm "Trachycarpus fortunei" Palm SelecTree     24 2.0  
Yew Pine "Podocarpus macrophyllus" Evergreen SelecTree LA SelectTree   36 3.0
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